Methods to Cure Acne

For both men and women acne is a side effect of hormone levels creating an environment where skin glands become clogged and infected. For women acne is often a premenstrual symptom. Many drugs are also associated with causing acne for example testosterone, barbiturates, lithium, and systemic and inhaled corticosteroids. Finally, mechanical irritation of the skin can also be a cause of acne. Here you will find things that may be you are doing and their harm on your body.

For most people natural treatments are effective but can require 4-8 weeks to lead to noticeable results. When acne is cleared, the natural treatment must continue to maintain the result and to prevent the formation of new lesions.

When natural acne treatments fail, even mild forms sometimes require the intervention of a dermatologist. In these cases, using combination therapy - two or more remedies. These can be local or topical antibacterials retinoids.

Treatment of moderate to moderately severe acne

In this type of acne seen many white, blackheads, papules, pustules that cover from a quarter to three quarters of the face and possibly other parts. Here is required the intervention of a dermatologist and combination therapy (two or more methods of preparation or treatment) who may use:
  • Physical methods - extraction of comedones or treatment with light;
  • Medicines prescribed by a doctor:
    1. topical antibacterials;
    2. topical retinoids;
    3. antibiotic tablets;
    4. oral contraceptives (for women);
    5. local funds without a prescription.
  • Dermatologists recommend early initiation of therapy, because in this stage may develop scars.
The only way to stop development and to limit the growth of existing infection is to start early treatment for a sufficiently long period.

Causes of acne

Genes play an important role in the development of acne. They define the size and function of sebaceous glands. If one of your parents suffered from acne, chances of this happening to you.
Hormones, especially testosterone, are responsible for increased fat secretion. Thus, the pores are clogged with dead cells.
They eat and grow fat through the skin. The bacteria cause infection of the pores.
comedones. Increased fat secretion leads to increased number of dead cells together with bacteria, dust and fat secretions causing obstruction of the pores. Thus appear white tips and black spots.


The sun always is beneficial to acne.
No! The truth is that the sun may be one of the causes buds to increase several weeks after sunbathing. If your condition gets worse in February, March or April, this may be due to the summer sun.
The cause of acne is poor hygiene.
No! The presence of acne is not an indicator of dirty person. If you wash your face very often, you may worsen the situation.
Consumption of soft drinks, chocolate and other foods cause acne.
There os no evidence that normal quantities of food affect acne in healthy people.

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